Netherurd Garden House West Wing

The perfect accommodation for groups of up to 18 people with 9 bedrooms, a prep kitchen and half our event hall the West Wing is ideal for your group.

Booking a Wing at Netherurd Garden House gives you truly exclusive use of the space including a private entrance and exit. For a list of everything included when you book our west wing visit our Features Section.

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9 Stylish Apartments

With Accessibility and Inclusivity at their core

The West Wing at Netherurd Garden House has nine apartments. There are 3 apartment types in the West Wing:

Studio Apartments – six in total, for more information click the link for a gallery and video tour.

Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment – two in total, for more information click the link for a gallery and video tour.

Accessible Interconnecting Apartment – One apartment, for more information, click the link for a gallery and video tour. This apartment connects to one of our Studio Apartments, which is ideal for family members or carers.

6 Studio Apartments

2 Deluxe one bedroom Apartments

1 Accessible Interconnecting Apartment

*Connects to one of the Studio Apartments

Prep Kitchen 

With Fridge, Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, Hob and you home kitchen comforts.

When holidaying with groups one of the difficulties is making sure everyone is fed, at Netherurd Garden House when you book the West Wing you get exclusive use of a preparation kitchen for cooking and food storage. 


Half our event hall

Perfect for Activities, Education, Relaxation, Dining and conferences.

The Event Hall is a modular space. Our guests have used the hall for many things including Dining Room, Cinema, Chill out area, Yoga and fitness classes, Cooking demonstrations, and Sensory experiences.

For some suggestions for activities visit our Things To Do section

Demonstration Kitchen

Perfect for classes, conference cooking or private dining

Excluse to the West Wing, the Demostartion kitchen is perfect for classes and private dining experiences. Located in our event hall the demonstration kitchen is perfect for groups who want to cook and eat together.

Walled Garden and Event Field

Netherurd Garden House is located within a beautiful two-acre walled garden. Guests and groups are free to use the walled garden for events, sports and activities. There is also a BBQ area as well as outdoor seating.

We also have an event field with sensory music equipment and a flat area ideal for activities like Archery.

For some suggestions for activities visit our Things To Do section

Whats Included with the West Wing?

Apartment 1

Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment

Apartment 2

Studio Apartment

Apartment 3

Studio Apartment

Apartment 4

Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment

Apartment 5

Studio Apartment

Apartment 6

Studio Apartment

Apartment 7

Studio Apartment

Apartment 8

Accessible Interconnecting Apartment

Apartment 9

Interconnecting Studio Apartment

Event Hall 

Half of the event hall

Prep Kitchen

Exclusive use

Demonstration Kitchen

Exclusive use

Event Field

Shared Access

Walled Garden

Shared Access

Private Entrace

Exclusive use

Coming Soon

Sensory Garden

Main hall

Deluxe one bed apartment

Wing kitchen

Studio apartment

Demonstration kitchen

Accessible interconnecting apartment

Disabled outdoor toilet

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