Sensory garden

Our sensory garden, with its level access, beckons you to explore a tapestry of plants carefully curated for their visual allure, intoxicating scents, and tantalizing textures. Lose yourself in a symphony of colors, from vibrant blooms to verdant foliage, as you immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.


Awaken your senses in the Scottish Borders!

Level access accessible paths combined curated plantlife that you see, smell, taste and touch.

Acres of grounds

Of possibilities

Accessible paths

Connecting to our grounds and Netherurd Garden House.

Curated plants

Designed to be smelled, tasted and touched

BBQ area

Fully equipted BBQ with outdoor seating

Edible garden

We grow our own fruits, vegetables and herbs


For brining along plants, fruits and vegtables

The Bothy

Multifunction indoor space with Kitchen and toilet

Client success stories

“ Our members have had the chance to plant and care for flowers, fruits and vegetables and then return later in the year to use the produce they planted to make meals. We have done this as part of our life skill weeks in collaboration with Netherurd Garden House   ”

Respite Coordinator 

Positive Paths CIC

The Bothy

The Bothy is our multifunctional space. It can be set with seating for meetings or dining. Without seating for exercise and wellbeing groups. With tables for demonstrations or why not take the tables outdoors for a BBQ.