Congratulations to Supporting Positive Paths

A big congratulations to Supporting Positive Paths on coming 3rd in the 68th West Linton Horticultural Show.

The group from Supporting Positive Paths tended the Vegetables and Plants from seedlings. The plants were brought on in the Polytunnel at Netherurd Garden House and then transferred to our vegetable and plant beds that make up part of the sensory garden.

These activities are part of a program of life skill break. Netherurd Garden House create these programs in conjunction with care providers to encourage independent living skills such as cooking, and personal care. With the garden produce the goal of the program is to help young adults engage with and think differently about food and food preparation.

The produce that has been planted and tended to has also been used to create soups and other meals. As well as fruits and vegetables we also get fresh eggs daily from our resident chickens.