Welcome Faces and Voices of Recovery

5 acres of Scottish Borders green spaces

Netherurd Garden House has level access paths that allow guests to use the whole building and the grounds

Acres of grounds

Of possibilities

Event field

Perfect for outdoor sports and games

Sensory garden

Plants curated for their visual allure, intoxicating scents

BBQ areas

Various BBQ areas with outdoor seating

Hot tubs

Hot tubs are available to rent. Contact us for more info

Musical sensory

An interactive musical sensory experience

Edible garden

Fresh fruit, vegetables and a polytunel 

Level access paths

Paths covering all of the grounds


Bring in the evening with a bonfire with hay bail seats 

Client success stories

“ With the use of the hall for team meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner, debriefs and reviewing race footage it was an invaluable asset. Add this to the eighteen apartments and a retrofit on the bothy to use as a mechanics workshop, and it is a truly five-star experience  ”

Ken Whepdale 

USA Cycling 

The Bothy

The Bothy is our multifunctional space. It can be set with seating for meetings or dining. Without seating for exercise and wellbeing groups. With tables for demonstrations or why not take the tables outdoors for a BBQ.